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Fanch Ledan Art Collection

A self-taught artist François Ledan (signs his work: Fanch Ledan) has established a wide international reputation and his artwork has been well received by collectors internationally from Japan and Australia to Europe and the United States.

Art is never made in a vacuum and good art reflects the times in which it is made. A venerable art world axiom, this idea confronts us with particular clarity and force in the work of French-born pa... Full Biography.

Window on Bonifacio Photo Window on Bonifacio, Fanch Ledan
Interior with klimt Photo Interior with klimt, Fanch Ledan
Liberty Interior Photo Liberty Interior, Fanch Ledan
Terrace over Cassis Photo Terrace over Cassis, Fanch Ledan
Duplex over Stinson Photo Duplex over Stinson, Fanch Ledan
Above Catalina Photo Above Catalina, Fanch Ledan
Racing in Virgin Gorda Photo Racing in Virgin Gorda, Fanch Ledan
Interior with Marc Chagall Photo Interior with Marc Chagall, Fanch Ledan
Sanoma Lagoon Photo Sanoma Lagoon, Fanch Ledan
Living in Bora Bora Photo Living in Bora Bora, Fanch Ledan
Interior with Striped horse Photo Interior with Striped horse, Fanch Ledan
Paris Shopping with Eiffel Tower Photo Paris Shopping with Eiffel Tower, Fanch Ledan
Black and White Interior Photo Black and White Interior, Fanch Ledan
Above Malibu Photo Above Malibu, Fanch Ledan
Terrace over Cadaques Photo Terrace over Cadaques, Fanch Ledan
Atrium over San Francisco Bay Photo Atrium over San Francisco Bay, Fanch Ledan
Chicago Nights II Photo Chicago Nights II, Fanch Ledan
Villa in Big Sur Photo Villa in Big Sur, Fanch Ledan
Windows on Paris Photo Windows on Paris, Fanch Ledan
New England Villa Photo New England Villa, Fanch Ledan
Sydney Nights Photo Sydney Nights, Fanch Ledan
Captain's Headquarters Photo Captain's Headquarters, Fanch Ledan
Paris Boutique Photo Paris Boutique, Fanch Ledan
Chicago Nights Photo Chicago Nights, Fanch Ledan
Interior With Primative Art Photo Interior With Primative Art, Fanch Ledan
Interior with Picasso Photo Interior with Picasso, Fanch Ledan
Arcachon Lighthouse Photo Arcachon Lighthouse, Fanch Ledan
Balcony over Bahia Photo Balcony over Bahia, Fanch Ledan
Ipanema Villa Photo Ipanema Villa, Fanch Ledan
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